Fans and Room Heaters

Heat is something that we humans cannot bear, as the body becomes more grumpy, sweaty and uncomfortable. So wind is really important for us to cool down and get a feel of comfort, and easiness. Fans are a very important source of wind as it releases soothing air that helps in drying the sweat.

A ceiling fan is one of the best looking fans from the elaborate range of home appliances. Its attractive finish gives your ceiling a classy look and it blends with any decor scheme. The fan has four blades that provide sufficient air flow even in large sized rooms and help you beat the heat in the summer season. Here at Fingoshop you will find fans with exotic blade trims and a body ring that gives it a classy finish. The 4 blade ceiling fan provides an air sweep of 1200mm, which makes it a great choice for larger sized rooms as well. We have table fans and various other fans too that help you beat summer.

In winter seasons you will need to stay warm and we bring to you the best room heaters that protect you from the severity of harsh winter and keep you and your loved ones warm and comfy.