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6 Item(s)

Washing machines

Working all day long, cleaning , cooking and all, further washing clothes can become cumbersome and hectic for anyone. For this very reason washing machines are an ideal choice as they help you clean your clothes, bed sheets and many other fabrics as well. Fingoshop brings to you the latest and widest variety of washing machines from the India’s top brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, IBF and many more.

Modern washing machines come in an array of sizes and depend on peoples preferences. We have different washing machines, you may choose semi-automatic, or fully automatic one and these can be further segregated as to top load and front load washing machine. Here you will find washing machines with pulsator wash, hot wash, stain wash, and tumble wash. We also have the dryers that help you if you are someone living in a small home.

Choosing the right washing machine is the key, so a fully automatic washing eases your task of scrubbing, cleaning, pouring water, and even rinsing clothes. All these tasks can be performed by fully automatic washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines are for the people on a tight budget, for those who would want to clean and wash clothes in a hassle-free manner. So get the one you need.