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Water Bottles

Water bottles are one of the more important and essential storage containers which help you keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day to be healthy. As we store water, we need good quality water bottles which help you to carry safe drinking water with you everywhere. Bottles used to carry water come in different styles, designs and sizes. Fingoshop showcase a different category of bottles such as Aluminium bottles, Stainless steel Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Vacuum Bottles, and many more.

For travellers, aluminium bottles are perfectly suited since they are lightweight, durable, shock- and deformation-resistant. Stainless steel water bottles have many advantages as they are sleek, sturdy, and durable as they do not rust. These are best suited to store fruit juices and cleaning of them is also hassle-free and these bottles nowadays come with dishwasher-safe. The most popular water bottles are the plastic ones which are durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed. As most of the plastic water bottles are transparent that helps in monitoring the quantity of water inside the bottle easily. Vacuum bottles or flasks are great for carrying hot drinks such as coffee and tea, or chilled drinks like juices. Fingoshop provides some of the best brand water bottles and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right water bottle for yourself. Find a wide range of water bottles from the best online shopping site in India, Fingoshop.