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Men's Cravats

For years the cravat was synonymous with a particular type of gin-quaffing, yacht-sailing, smooth-talking rake. The cravat was first popularised in the 17th Century when it was worn by Croatian mercenaries (the name is derived from a la Croate - in the style of the Croats). Unfasten your top button and start polishing the brass buttons on your blazer. It's time for men to start wearing cravats again. Fingoshop has a wide range of cravats from best brands and fine fabrics. Fingoshop has a wide array of cravats which are differentiated based on colour, design, fabric, and many more.

During wedding most men don't want to spend a lot of time searching for the perfect tuxedo, the grooms and groomsmen deserve some attention as well. Although the tuxedos are fairly straightforward, there are a couple of different options when it comes to neckwear. Cravats add an elegant touch to any wedding day look; bow ties and cummerbunds are traditional wedding garb. Tying a cravat is not much different than tying a regular tie and some men prefer cravats instead of regular ties because if they wear traditional ties on a daily basis, cravats allow them to feel as if they are dressing up for a special occasion. Find all latest cravats online from best-rated brands and top quality material with exclusive offers available at the best online shopping site in India, Fingoshop.