Reward Points Policy

The Reward Points system gives our Customers extra perks and benefits when shopping on It’s a simple programme that is open to everyone who registers a new Fingoshop account. Once your account is confirmed, you can start shopping and collect those Reward Points on each product you purchase at Fingoshop.

HOW TO Earn and spend reward points

  • Each ₹100.00 spent for your order will earn 1 Point.
  • Each 1 Point can be redeemed for ₹0.10.
  • You can check your Reward Points status at your Account Dashboard after you Login.

Terms & Conditions

  • Per order, You can only redeem a maximum of 50% points from the total points available.
  • In case of cash back for returns, the amount purchased with reward points will be credited back as reward points only.
  • There is no expiry date for the Reward points.
  • Reward points are not transferable as money and have no monetary value.