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Heels and Wedges

Footwear is an integral part of fashion as it is a basic necessity and an easy style upgrades. With the right pair of footwear, you can look breathtaking wherever you go, whenever you go. Discover the best heels and wedges, sandals, wedge heels, boots, a low wedge sandals collection exclusively at Fingoshop.

Be it a formal occasion or an informal, a pair of heels will always add a charismatic factor to your stylish outfits. Stilettos are a classic example of what women love to have in their wardrobes. A pair of these not only helps you to elevate your grace but also perfectly complement a dress or a formal outfit. Another kind of heels that you may want to try is the wedge style. Unlike stilettos, wedges have holes along the length of the sole that are quite easy and comfy to wear for long hours. We also have the Block heels, which look very similar to stilettos the major difference is heels are far thicker or wider. Some of them have patterns on the heel itself. Grab the best products with the best brands and best prices only at Fingoshop.